Preliminary Census in The Eastern Lowland Gorilla Habitat

For many years we have been invited by many other communities located in the whole habitat of the Eastern Lowland Gorillas but was unable to respond positively due to lack of budget. In May 2012 we launched a mission to the Itebero sector and reached 45 villages where 100 people were interviewed.

Here is the report.

The Preliminary Census in The Eastern Lowland Gorilla Habitat:
“Listening to the local communities to find a better solution” (PDF, 4.3MB)

And here is a quick view from the report.

Mission objectives

-To record the different needs and expectations of the communities.
-To have a list of existing animals in the lowland sector.
-To understand the different threats and human pressures.

Brief Summary
[a] The cooperation we have received throughout the mission was extraordinary.

[b] Not everyone in the communities around the Park is aware of the restrictions regarding the exploitation of natural resources within the NP.

[c] It is highly probable that the elephant population in the lowland sector has drastically decreased and possibly become extinct.

[d] It is reasonable to say that the ELG population has drastically decreased.

[e] The majority of the local people is willing to cooperate with conservationists if provided with alternatives and solutions to their daily hardships.

Brief Recommendations

[a] A series of development projects among communities needs to be implemented as soon as possible.

[b] Projects related to youth occupation should be launched to educate the youth against poaching.

[c] Much emphasis should be put in sensitization in partnership with local media starting first by training local radio broadcasters.

[d] As the Itebero preliminary research has been done, POPOF-i would like to conduct the same activity in three other locations.

[e] All suggested activities throughout the habitat of the ELG should start as soon as possible.

[f] A scientific census of the remaining population of the ELG throughout its habitat must be done as soon as possible.

Download the complete report(PDF, 4.3MB) for more information.

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