The MarjanMarsh Award: John received Conservation Award from the Marjan Centre in UK

We feel very honored that the Marsh Christian Trust and the Marjan Centre for the Study of Conflict and Conservation at King’s College London has awarded the MarjanMarsh Award to our founder, John Kahekwa. It was a very encouraging news for us all.

John was invited to UK to receive the award and give a talk at King’s College London on October 29 and we were all excited about it but unfortunately John’s trip didn’t materialize.

However, we as the staff of POPOF are very glad that the Trust and the Centre shined a light on us. We will continue doing our best in our work so that we won’t let them down.

And we hope that there will be another opportunity for John to visit UK perhaps next year!


[The MarjanMarsh Award: Marjan Centre]

The Marjan Centre website: The MarjanMarsh Award

[The betrayal of John Kahekwa: how Britain let down an inspirational conservationist from Congo/ THE INDEPENDENT, Wednesday 31 October 2012]

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