Dream helicopter under construction

During the recent visit by Prof. Yamagiwa and Mr. Redmond, we also visited David Bisimwa who has been POPOF’s artist since 1992.

He is talented in many different things such as illustrations, woodcarvings and so on. But one day he got this grand idea: to produce a helicopter that uses “hydraulic oil in new formula” and would not pollute the environment. For more than three years he has been devoting himself for this helicopter. He has named his helicopter “Gorilla Helicopter” and the engine “POPOF”. He’s now working hard on the engine.

Many visitors are curious about it and visiting his workshop. Although it is so hard for people to believe that his helicopter would fly one day but I’m optimistic myself that it will fly!

Both Prof. Yamagiwa ‘Mwalimu’ and Mr. Redmond ‘Shaba Two’ entered the cabin and listened to David as he spoke about his dream African-made helicopter. Actually his enthusiasm makes everyone feel somehow that it might really fly!

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