Complex Anga School needs a library

Complex Anga School
The Complex Anga school, the secondary school of POPOF near the Kahuzi Biega National Park (KBNP), is of the agro forestry section. It is located at 5 kms from Tshivanga, the first park headquarters, and 3 kms from the commercial centre of Miti. The pupils coming from six communities study in this school. The great majority of pupils come from the villages scattered around the park, which is the habitat of the eastern lowland gorillas. Several pupils are children of some KBNP rangers living in Tshivanga who walk everyday five kilometers downhill to attend the school.

Agro forestry
Agroforestry is a very nice section to train pupils as new generations to love environment. Agroforestry is a rare section in the South Kivu province and the Anga school is the third school of this kind in this country. Practically pupils together with teachers grow seedlings at a nursery and distribute those to the villages around the park.

State Exams
2010 is the second year for the Anga’s promotion to take the state exams. This year, 9 candidates take the state exam while 6 candidates did it the last year. They all obtained state diplomas. This year we are anxiously waiting for the results from the national level and see if the 9 candidates will succeed as did the six of the last year.

Reports and Books
The pupils at the 5th grade and the 4th grade are requested to do a 2-months training either at INERA (National Institute of Agronomic Studies and Research), KBNP or missionaries. And after that training they must write a report of not exceeding 20 pages. These reports should be kept in a library for the benefit of the next pupils. POPOF members and employees have also published some books titled “Eyewitness” about the conservation issue.

Building of a Library
What is needed now is to build a library for the school where we could appropriately keep these books and reports that we write and anyone in the community can read these books. It is important for us to show our fellow community members that we, local people, can write these books in the hope that it will encourage and inspire them towards a better future. We could start with a very small library of, say, 20 square meters, and if in future we could also obtain many more general books from outside, we would like to expand it so that it will be more beneficial for the whole community.

Library and Education towards the Future
And for this reason we are calling for a support from anyone who could fund the building of this library. It will be a way to help educate the communities that were formerly regarded as nature destroyers to be the new generation that understands the harmonious community conservation, which would give a chance to the eastern lowland gorillas population and it’s habitat to remain healthy even in the next century.

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