Reviewing 8 Billion Trees Legit Shared Goals With The Pole Pole Foundation

One would be hard-pressed to narrow down on a single action that has the ability to solve environmental, sociological, and biological problems more effectively than planting trees.

Providing resources to raise local peoples out of poverty, contributing positively to the climate change crisis by sequestering carbon from the air, and serving as crucial habitats for wildlife such as gorillas in the DRC name only a few ways trees help to restore balance and life to our planet.

At the heart of its tree planting efforts, 8 Billion Trees prioritizes removing carbon from the air and rebuilding animal habitats.

For these reasons, 8 Billion Trees—and its founder Jon Chambers—is beyond proud to stand behind the efforts of The Pole Pole Foundation with the shared mission of caring for animals.

In the Amazon Rainforest, where 8 Billion Trees carries out large-scale tree planting and conservation operations to restore areas devastated by reckless and irresponsible deforestation, they also operate a wildlife sanctuary that cares for and rehabilitates hurt and displaced animals with the goal of returning them to their natural habitats as quickly as possible.

8 Billion Trees Founder Jon Chambers checks on fresh produce being prepared as part of the wildlife sanctuary’s dietary program for animals being rehabilitated.

While The Pole Pole Foundation and 8 Billion Trees operate in different areas of the globe, they both share the same vision for our planet: a healthy and biodiverse ecosystem teeming with wildlife.

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