A view of Life: Utility of the palm oil

The palm oil is used for the food preparation and the soap production throughout the DR Congo. It’s also the case in South-Kivu Province where almost 90% of the people use it.

This business is profitable for the merchants. They transport their goods from Bunyakiri by vehicle at the cost of USD3.- per container (see photo) and USD30.- per person passing through the forest of the Kahuzi-Biega National Park up to Bukavu, the capital of South-Kivu, where they distribute their goods.

In this region this palm oil is the most purchased oil because it’s cheaper than the peanut oil that is imported from foreign countries.

The palm oil is usually sold in a bottle of tomato chili sauce at 100 Franc Congolese (about 10 cents in USD.) This produce a humble profit and it enable them to continue their business. And by the grace of this profit they can survive; they can school their children, feed themselves and pay the house rent.

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