Scarcity of food in Bukavu town due to the hostilities in Goma

It has been almost seven months the hostilities begun from Rutshuru in the North-Kivu Province. Goma, the capital of the North-Kivu fell and is occupied by the M23 troops. This news is broadcast worldwide.

The North-Kivu Province has got a richer soil than the South-Kivu. Different crops are harvested in great quantity such as beans, Irish potatoes, and cassava flour including salt and smoked fish from Lake Edward. Bukavu the capital of South Kivu Province relies on the crops from Goma town. Businessmen and women do travel everyday by different ferries constructed locally by local citizens. They buy and bring stocks of these above-mentioned different foods to Bukavu for sale.

A change has come which weighs on both people of Bukavu and Goma. No more movement by boat on the Lake Kivu from Goma to Bukavu or visa versa. It has become a burden for both people. Goma relies on the buyers from Bukavu while Bukavu relies on the food from Goma. Goma’s citizens are complaining about missing buyers from Bukavu while Bukavu complains of not having access to the food of Goma.

The prices of these food have been increased by some Bukavu citizen owners who has a remaining stocks of food that came from Goma one week ago. Before the troubles in Goma, 50 kg of beans used to cost USD 42. Nowadays people are paying USD48 for it.

In Goma, there is a scarcity of fresh water and they have a power cut. Electricity that lights up Goma is hauled from Bukavu.

We all prefer and need the end of troubles for this country to go towards development like other nations than becoming warriors of the 21st century.

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