POPOF joins Gombanet Foundation in a new education system

Creating Grauer Tourism University
The first university started in 1954 with a few number of Congolese students. The country got the independence on June 1960 when only one Congolese as university alumnus. Today the country has more than a hundred public colleges and universities and more than a hundred private ones. But the system is still the same since decades ago (5 years for the Bachelor Degree or Graduate, more than 8 years for Masters’ Degree and many more years for the Doctorate), when the majority of African public and private universities have now the same education system as Europe and America: 3 years for Bachelor Degree, 2 years for Master’s Degree and 3 years for Doctorate. The system is called “LMD” to mean in French: “Licence-Maîtrise-Doctorat”.

Informed about the “LMD” system, Pole Pole Foundation has joined Gombanet Foundation in his initiative of the “Grauer Tourism University” or GTU for short, in partnership with the Bukavu branch of the “Université Catholique Lyon” from France, organizing the Master’s Degree (2 years) and Doctorate Degrees (3 years) are opening next October 2012 some Faculties such as Environment Management and Nature Conservation, Business Administration, Ecotourism and Hospitality Management, Information Technology and Communication, Sports, Arts and Leisure Management, etc.

The importance of POPOF in this project is to bring on board all the environment, ecological and touristic experienced scientific lecturers whenever they have time to hold courses or seminars or scientific conferences on behalf of the GTU students in Bukavu. We have got the green light of Dr Augustin Basabose (PhD) and Dr Christian Amani (PhD) for lecturing. Their warm impression is very encouraging. Some of them will also be part of the Grauer Tourism University’s Administration Council Members. Thanks to the community based and touristic involvement of Pole Pole Foundation and Gombanet Foundation around the Kahuzi-Biega National Park and the Lwiro Research Center, we expect the GTU students to have these two institutions as laboratory references.

The number of students being registered will determine the Faculty or Faculties that will open before. Now, as candidates to start university studies have heard that they will have their Bachelor’s Degree just after three years through instead of five, and that they will have immediately the opportunity to pursue their Master’s and Doctorate locally, they are registering. Those who are now registering are mainly choosing Business Administration and Ecotourism. Three more young private universities, working with the same LMD system, do exist in South Kivu since 2010. They are making a good synergy with Grauer Tourism University.

We would like to ask assistance from any good willing person in having the GTU web site for more effectiveness. This new University of a kind will allow us also to reach the need of many candidate students who are willing to study online as we know most of the candidates are taken at their work and they cannot join the auditorium teachings, but can work on their assignments on line and send them to the University.

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