Poems by primary pupils

Today I’d like to introduce two recital poems by our pupils at the Primary at Anga Complex School.

Congo, My Country
by Baguma Cizimya and Ciza Cirimwami

Congo, my magnificent country is called Congo Democratic Republic
I am Congolese and I am proud
very proud of it because Congo is mine
When I sleep, Congo sleeps with me
When I wake up, Congo wake up with me
When I walk, Congo walks with me
because Congo is my dear country

To the telephone
by Busime Musenge and Iragi Barhakengera

Hello hello on line
it is the voice of my father
Hello hello loudly I don’t understand
Bravo, I listen this time
Yes Dad, I will behave wise
and you will be proud of me
when you come back home from work

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