“Let us grow the crops” : assisting widows to farm

Thanks to the funds from The Thin Green Line, POPOF managed to rent one hectare in the neighborhood of the KBNP for the 12 widows of ex-park rangers in order to grow different crops enabling them to feed their children. They planted maize, cabbage, sorghum, soybeans and so on.

Bags of cabbage produced by the widows

Five months later, they harvested the crops. The soil seems to be fertile. Last March the widows were able to sell numerous bags of cabbage, maize and other vegetables in the neighbor market and earned some money. They save some in their cooperatives and are planting more vegetables for the next season.

“Give me seeds and let me grow them. It’s better than advising me when my stomach is empty” said the widows and orphans, who are left by the brave park rangers who died for the noble cause that should be more duly recognized in the world.

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