The 3rd success in the State Exam by Anga School

The good and excellent news we have is that the students at POPOF Anga School have obtained great marks in three consecutive years now.

Once again, all of the 12 students who studied in the sixth form, – high school -, passed the exam and got the diplomas. They are now entitled to enter a university in the future.

The names of these students are as following:
01. Akonkwa Lwango Olivier
02. Murhula Murhimalika Innoncent
03. Mugisho Lushombo Jean Baptiste
04. Zuba Batumike Aline
05. Akilimali Cirego Patrick
06. Maisha Buhendwa
07. Mapenzi Tembeya
08. Musharhamina Biregeyi
09. Bugandwa Imani
10. Murhula Bizimana Augustin
11. Namurhobo Buhendwa
12. Imani Kashangabuye

We are congratulating the strength from everyone of us, from this country and outside the country, who are so delighted and determined to support this environmental program. We hope we can go this way until our ideal reaches the hearts of the local people and we also hope that it will give a chance to the eastern lowland gorillas to live peacefully with a brighter future.

The Agro forestry high school is very rare in the entire South Kivu Province although the deforestation is taking place on a higher pace. It means that the gorillas and their habitat is so endangered that nobody knows if they will be able to live up to the middle of this century.

Along with this education program, POPOF staff have been mobilizing the communities for planting trees in the vicinity of the Kahuzi-Biega National Park as it had no buffer zone at the time of the park’s establishment in 1970.

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