Tourism rediscovering the Kahuzi-Biega NP

Little by little tourists are rediscovering the KBNP’s gorillas. It is the first time the tourists from Estonia visited the gorillas in the KBNP. They were twenty persons and had great fun visiting the gorillas of different groups. They rented five 4×4 vehicles from a local agent in Bukavu. As a result, many drivers and the owners of the vehicles were offered the jobs for two days. The tourism activity of the Pole Pole Foundation, the Silverback Kingdom Trekking Agency is also taking some visitors to the park for the gorilla visits. It seems like the world is once again noticing that the war and the insecurity climate are no longer seen in the area of the gorilla trekking.
Now people are getting more information than before from the internet and books about the gorilla visit and the hotels in Bukavu. The number of tourists visiting the park is increasing yearly as from 50 in 2007 to 300 in 2010.
We hope and wish that slowly but surely the number of tourists shall reach 7,000 visitors in the future as it was in 1987-1989. Also we hope that some prominent persons would visit the KBNP in near future as famous persons like Bill Gates and Al Gore did before.
We, as the Silverback Kingdom Trekking Agency of the Pole Pole Foundation, wish to appeal to the readers of this article for a new or used 4×4 vehicle it as it will be very helpful in driving tourists not only in the park but also in the surrounding communities to efficiently continue with our community based eco-tourism in this remarkable habitat of the eastern lowland gorillas.

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