Japanese tradition welcomed IPS Congress attendees

Two years after the International Primatological Society Congress held in Edinburgh, Scotland, the IPS 2010 was held in Kyoto, Japan. It was in 2001 that I visited Japan, especially Kyoto and Tokyo for the first time. I was very blessed to visit the same country for the second time to attend the Congress. This is my second time to attend it. It was the best occasion to meet with friends from all over the world, too.

At the end of the congress that was held in the Kyoto University, the attendees were invited to the feast closing the ceremonies. There were attendees from the whole world in the room. First of all, I appreciated that the Japanese highly value and maintain their culture and tradition. Everyone was welcomed in the Japanese traditional way. We took off the shoes, sit on the floor and ate with chopsticks. Buddhists priests made us happy with their religious songs. I love this kind of lifestyle and it makes me love their culture and tradition. All the people, the researchers from the every corner of this world enjoyed and had a lot of fun.

After the congress, POPOF team joined and discussed the restructuring of POPOF to open a new chapter of our continuing effort.
On the photo are Kawabe (left), Dr. Basabose (middle) and myself (right) working on a document at the Kyoto University.

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