Success in the State Exam, June 2009

We are very happy to announce that our secondary school students at Anga School Complex at Miti, took the State Exam of 2009 in June and 6 students have successfully passed the category of Agroforestry. The names of these excellent students are,

Biringanine Muhigirwa Luc
Majaribu Malofu Norbert
Maombi Bahaya Justine
Murhula Bashizi Guillaume
Namegabe Rushingwa Juvenal
Shamavu Badarhi Jacques

They are now entitled to proceed to a university to study rural development, socioeconomics, nature conservation etc. so that they can later utilize their knowledge and skills to improve our community.

But the problem is that none of these students has enough financial capacity to afford the annual tuition, which is 500 US dollars for each.
If you could extend your hand to support these excellent students who have been working hard for brighter future, the significance of your kind support is enormous. You would be not only helping these students but also giving a future hope to other potential students and that would lead to produce more human resources within the local communities who will be working for the rural development in harmony with the nature conservation.

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