Happy International Day of Forests!

March 21, 2018 is the International Day of Forests.
Our tree plantation work is of huge importance to what we do.
By growing an alternative source of wood, we save mature rainforest from being cut down which protects the natural habitat of our beautiful gorillas.
The work provides jobs and gets people engaged in conservation.
We are honoured and delighted to have the Tusk organisation as project partners.

The Pole Pole Foundation’s new Women’s Empowerment Program proves a big attraction

The inaugural meeting of the new Women’s Empowerment Program proved a big success with 93 women signing up to be members of the Mushroom Growing Initiative.
There was much excitement at the gathering and the women were singing and dancing enthusiastically.
They are really looking forward to learning this new skill.
The mushroom growing hut has been prepared and made dark ready for the project to begin.
The lady who is going to give them the training is getting supplies from Bujumbura, just over the border in Burundi, and they will be starting very soon.
Other projects selected to be part of the Women’s Empowerment Program were soap making, juice making and a sewing workshop, which will follow shortly.
We wish everyone involved much success!
Mrs Odette Kahekwa with some of the women who have signed up for the mushroom growing initiative part of the Pole Pole Foundation’s new Women’s Empowerment Program

Spirulina cultivation in communities around the KBNP

[Original text in French and English translation]

Il y a déjà plus d’une année que Pole Pole Foundation avait initié la culture de la Spiruline dans la communauté riveraine du PNKB en vus de lutter contre la malnutrition qui envahisse le différentes couches sociales des communautés autour. Comme ces images les montrent, Pole Pole Foundation est aujourd’hui à la phase de la vulgarisation des différentes communautés riveraines du PNKB en se basant plus particulièrement aux enfants et généralement aux adultes.

It has been more than a year since Pole Pole Foundation initiated the cultivation of Spirulina in the coastal community of the PNKB in order to fight against the malnutrition that invades the different social strata of the communities around Kahuzi-BIega National Park. As these images show, the Pole Pole Foundation is now in the process of popularizing the various communities bordering on the KBNP, with a particular focus on children and generally adults.

Local people visited the Park

[Original text in French and English translation]

Depuis la création du PNKB, seulement 1% des communautés périphéque a déjà eu l’occasion de visiter les gorilles, mais plus de 50 % sont du niveau international. POPOF par son adjointe du département de l’écotourisme Odette Kahekwa a fait visiter les communauté périphéque du PNKB à les gorilles et leur montrée le danger qui les viendrais s’ils n’arrêtent pas la destruction de cette patrimoine.

Since the creation of the KBNP, only 1% of the peripheral communities have had the opportunity to visit the gorillas, but more than 50% are international. POPOF by its Deputy of the Department of Ecotourism Odette Kahekwa took the peripheral communities of the PNKB to the gorillas and showed them the danger that would come if they did not stop the destruction of this heritage.